What Got Me Into Blogging And When Did I Start My Blog, Plus My biggest Mistake

This is from my blog post where I asked you to ask me anything

I got two questions on that post and here are the answers.

I started blogging mainly because I was told by someone who was in internet marketing for a long time that it was the way to get more eyes on your business, needless to say at the time it wasn’t my thing but then I realized fairly quickly that you write as if you are having a conversation with someone and that made it fun for me.

I’ve had several blogs that I started and my first one was in 2009 and this one I just started in June. I’ve stopped and started several times which has made it a hard road for me but it’s getting easier.

I just normally write about my daily life, within reason of course, and not a TMI session.

Participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge has been a real life saver on ideas about what to blog about but of course on the days that I’m just not familiar or interested in the topic put out for us I do something different.

I’ve made lots of mistakes but I can’t pinpoint just one, oh yes I can, not keeping my domains and hosting and continually restarting everything. It’s hard to get back to where you need to be when you keep starting and stopping.

One thing is for sure I will hold onto this blog because my name is in it and that was my biggest mistake because my very first domain was maryowens.ws and I lost it when I couldn’t afford the hosting anymore but little did I know that if I had just bought the domain separately from the hosting that I would have been fine but I was just starting out and didn’t understand all of that.

Now I am wiser and buy my hosting separately from my domain so I never lose access to the domain.

So that’s my story and I hope you enjoyed it and have a great day.