The Ultimate Blog Challenge (Take 3)

Well it’s that time again and I hope the old saying “third times the charm” is true because the last time I did this challenge I did one post a quit. I don’t want that to happen again because I really need to get into the habit of doing daily blog posts.

So with that being said that’s why I’m doing this challenge and also because I am terrible at coming up with stuff to write about or I just get lazy or too involved in other things (like watching TV).

So the goal with this challenge is to do a blog post everyday during the challenge. Don’t worry though they will send out a prompt for you to write about. If it happens that you don’t want to write about whatever it is they send out then you are free to write about whatever you want as long as it’s appropriate for this challenge.

Also if you would like to get in on the next challenge feel free to click the banner above and sign up for the next one.

Well wish me luck because I’m probably going to need it.