Honor Your Parents

My mom and dad on their wedding day.

Today is Parent’s Day and even though I thoroughly believe that parent’s should be honored every single day you should honor them extra today.

I believe this because both of my parents have passed on and even though I have no regrets about the way I treated them (I was good to my parents) there are things I wish I had asked them about, like when did y’all get married? Or what childhood diseases did I catch? Because at the time I didn’t think it was necessary but now that I’m grown I realize these are things that doctors want to know.

I have also realized, with the internet, there are certain things from history that my parent’s lived through, like the great depression, my dad was born in 1932 so he lived through it and even though he was a child I’m sure he remembered how hard it was.

My mom was born in 1941, the year pearl harbor was bombed, and I’m sure her parent’s talked about that and how scary it was.

I absolutely regret not asking about these pivotal points in history but at that time I thought history was boring but after seeing first hand points from people who lived through it I have realized my mistake. I try not to dwell on it but it is extremely hard to do but I hope to get better about it because I can’t change the past.

So thank you for reading my post and have a great day.