Happy Birthday Mama

My mom and son.

Today I’ve decided to do a birthday tribute to my mom. She would be 77 today and I miss her so much.

She died July 4th 2007. Luckily the day after my son’s birthday but only because we didn’t want her death to fall on his birthday so we waited until then to take her off of life support.

She was my best friend after my dad died because I was closer to him than her. Obviously we got closer after his death.

We have no idea what happened I just know that I knew a week before she died that she didn’t have long. She had got to where she couldn’t get out of bed anymore and we had to pick her up and practically drag her to her potty chair.

She never wanted life support but I don’t regret her being on it because of my son’s birthday.

Anyway, I’m sorry this got dark but I haven’t told her Happy Birthday in a long time and it was pop art time to do it.

Thank you for reading and have a great day.