Changes For The New Year

I know that the tradition has always been to make resolutions for the new year, but year after year I see people never follow through with those resolutions.

I also know that it may have nothing to do with what it’s called but I feel like that if it was called changes instead of resolutions peop,e may do things that are more attainable like just simply spending more time with family.

I know it caused me to do just that.

So with that being said here are some CHANGES I’m going to make for the new year.

Spend More Time With My Family

This is something I’ve been trying to do for a long time outside of the house but has turned out to be harder than I thought because of my anxiety of being out in public, but I am hoping that 2019 is going to be my year of stepping out of my comfort zone.

Stop Procrastinating

This is something I have an extremely hard time with. I have video ideas that I have had on my mind for months. I do good for a while but then I get side tracked or just keep saying “I’ll do it tomorrow”. Hopefully I can get it done in the new year or better yet before then.

Take Better Care Of Myself

This is something else I have a really hard time with. I hate going to the doctor so I keep putting it off. On top of that I am overweight because I love food and hate exercising. If I can just get away from the bad stuff and start walking I think I will be fine. Hopefully I can get this done in the new year.

Be More Independent

This is another doozy for me. I do fine on my own but being married has taken all of my independence from me  because my husband does so much for his “friends” that there is never enough money to keep gas in our vehicle. I put friends in quotations because they are just using him. I just want my own vehicle but I know that will never happen as long as I keep letting my husband do this. If I ever get the money I will get a divorce.

A Better Life

All in all I just want a better life for me and my kids because right now nothing is going right for us. The worst part is my daughter told me yesterday maybe next year I will get clothes for Christmas. That tells you just how bad thing are.

I’m not writing this to get handouts so please don’t comment about a pity party because that’s not what this is, I’m just trying to be transparent about things going on in my life right now and how I want to make changes.

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So with that I am off and thank you for checking my blog out.

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I will also be updating on here about my progress on my changes through blog posts and videos because videos make great content.

Thanks and have a great day!

Oh yeah! I almost forgot! Let me know in the comments what your new year changes are going to be. I really enjoy reading and getting ideas for what I need to be doing.