Today Is Shark Awareness Day


In honor of it being shark awareness day I’m going to share this very informative video by NatGeoWild on sharks and their plight but before I do that I just wanted to talk a little about my passion for animals and the environment.

As I’ve said before in this post My Inspiration people who do whatever it takes to keep the world safe inspires me, but mainly people who keep animals and the environment safe inspire me to be better.

I also do what I can to help which includes signing petitions and donating when I can, and on that topic I wanted to point out an instagram account I was asked to follow, BareNaturals in their description it says that buying one of their candles plants 10 trees in areas of deforestation so I highly recommend visiting and buying one of their candles or more if you can. Their website is

I would greatly appreciate you helping plant 10 or more trees and get a wonderful smelling candle as a reward for helping save the planet.

So now here is the video for Shark Awareness Day, enjoy!

Thank you for reading this and helping out if you did.

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Thank you and have a great day.

4 Replies to “Today Is Shark Awareness Day”

  1. I had an accidental meeting with a great white many years ago when I was learning to water ski in Biscayne Bay, Florida. I was going along rather well when the dorsal fin surfaced right next to me. The boat picked up speed and we made it back to the launch site intact, but I have to tell you, that was probably the most frightening experience of my life. I don’t go in the ocean much since then, at least not deeper than my knees. They are magnificent creatures though.

  2. Today I was at a “River fair” in Bedford, UK. They had a boat parade up and down the river for a short time. One of the decorated boats was promoting awareness for the problem of Plastic Poison, the proliferation of plastic not only in the water but also on the land as well. It is so sad to be walking in what could be a barren desert and find plastic water bottles blowing along the sand. I also see all kinds of plastic garbage when cruising through the oceans of the world.

    This is affecting all life in our planet.

    I am considering it as a topic for another #blogboost challenge.

  3. I didn’t even know it was shark day! Great info and video. I connected to all your sites, I didn’t get mine listed in my blog, maybe you can click mine when you see my name on yours!

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