Happy International Orangutan Day

On this International Orangutan Day I just want to share a coupe videos about their plight. Make sure you read the description of the videos because they have links to ways that you can help to keep them from going extinct. But before we get into the videos I wanted to share one way that … Continue reading Happy International Orangutan Day

Peach Month

The entire month of August is peach month. I love peaches and they are just about the only fruit I will eat so of course I love when they are in season. I will eat them just about anyway I can get them unless it's something cold I have to bite into because I have … Continue reading Peach Month

Happy World Lion Day

As you may know from previous blog posts my favorite animal is the lion. I love all animals of course but there's just something about these majestic creatures that I am in awe of. So in celebration of this day here is a video talking about lions from The Lion Whisperer Kevin Richardson. Enjoy! As … Continue reading Happy World Lion Day

Today Is National Peach Ice Cream Day! (Actually It Was Yesterday Lol)

So I was late getting this up because yesterday was National Peach Ice Cream day but I hope you still enjoy this post. In honor of it being national peach ice cream day I'm sharing 2 videos with 2 different ways to make peach ice cream. Enjoy! Now that you've watched them I have a … Continue reading Today Is National Peach Ice Cream Day! (Actually It Was Yesterday Lol)

Today Is Shark Awareness Day

  In honor of it being shark awareness day I'm going to share this very informative video by NatGeoWild on sharks and their plight but before I do that I just wanted to talk a little about my passion for animals and the environment. As I've said before in this post My Inspiration people who … Continue reading Today Is Shark Awareness Day

Happy Friday The 13th!

If you read my recent post What I Like To Do For Fun then you know I love horror movies so in celebration of it being Friday the 13th I am going to share the trailer for the movie Friday the 13th because, you know, it's Friday the 13th, my favorite day of the year! So, … Continue reading Happy Friday The 13th!

A Question I Am Repeatedly Asked

I have thought about this for a while now and for the life of me I can't think of a question that keeps coming up except I do keep getting asked about my business but the only problem is I've already done a post about it, but it looks like I'm doing another one so … Continue reading A Question I Am Repeatedly Asked

5 Reasons To Work From Home

1.  You set your own hours That's right, you can work anytime you want. This works for me very well because I get my days and nights mixed up very easily and I have no idea why. I hope to someday figure this out but for now I'll just go with it. 2. You can … Continue reading 5 Reasons To Work From Home

My Inspiration

My Inspiration What inspires me most are people who do whatever it takes to keep the world safe. Like the people who protect animals and the environment from harm. They are the true heroes of the world and I applaud them on a daily basis. One of my favorites is Kevin Richardson, or as he's … Continue reading My Inspiration

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Official Trailer

I posted this video simply because I love dinosaurs. I always have since I was a little girl and I don't see this changing at all. Ever since this franchise came out I wanted scientists to figure out a way to bring them back. Here is the direct link to the video https://youtu.be/vn9mMeWcgoM So what do … Continue reading Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Official Trailer