Happy World Lion Day

As you may know from previous blog posts my favorite animal is the lion. I love all animals of course but there's just something about these majestic creatures that I am in awe of. So in celebration of this day here is a video talking about lions from The Lion Whisperer Kevin Richardson. Enjoy! As … Continue reading Happy World Lion Day

Today Is World Jump Day

I honestly thought World Jump Day was just celebrating jumping and I was all ready to talk about how when I was a child I loved to jump rope. Boy was I wrong but in a good way. it is about jumping but it's to combat global warming. It was started by┬áTorsten Lauschmann and the … Continue reading Today Is World Jump Day

My Inspiration

My Inspiration What inspires me most are people who do whatever it takes to keep the world safe. Like the people who protect animals and the environment from harm. They are the true heroes of the world and I applaud them on a daily basis. One of my favorites is Kevin Richardson, or as he's … Continue reading My Inspiration