The Ultimate Blog Challenge (Take 3)

Well it's that time again and I hope the old saying "third times the charm" is true because the last time I did this challenge I did one post a quit. I don't want that to happen again because I really need to get into the habit of doing daily blog posts. So with that … Continue reading The Ultimate Blog Challenge (Take 3)

Changes For The New Year

I know that the tradition has always been to make resolutions for the new year, but year after year I see people never follow through with those resolutions. I also know that it may have nothing to do with what it's called but I feel like that if it was called changes instead of resolutions … Continue reading Changes For The New Year

How I Got Started In Internet Marketing

The way I got started in internet marketing was I just got tired of not helping financially in my family so I started looking for ways to make money online. That's when I found surfing that eventually lead me to a site called Click Track Profit or CTP for short. That then lead me to … Continue reading How I Got Started In Internet Marketing

What To Blog About

Just as I thought I am coming up blank about what to blog about since the Ultimate Blogging Challenge is over. I kind of figured this would happen to my dismay. Apparently I need some instruction to keep the momentum going. So in light of this I will be taking a few days to do … Continue reading What To Blog About

It’s The Last Day Of The Ultimate Blog Challenge

Well the day is here. The Ultimate Blog Challenge is over. I feel like I've grown a lot in just one month and I know that reading all the different blogs helped me with that, and in reading those different blog posts I found some I really like and I will continue reading them. I … Continue reading It’s The Last Day Of The Ultimate Blog Challenge

My 90 Day Goals

This is something I have thought about a great deal since I started online marketing and learned that not just writers can write. Even people who originally hated writing are able to do it too. Now I don't expect to be a published writer because that was and never will be my dream. However I … Continue reading My 90 Day Goals

It’s Milk Chocolate Day!

Well it's my favorite day of the year. Milk Chocolate Day! I am a certified chocoholic. I will live off of chocolate if you let me that's how much I love it. My favorite type of chocolate is Hershey's, kisses to be exact. I especially love their cordial cherry kisses. I also love chocolate covered … Continue reading It’s Milk Chocolate Day!

My Mentor

My mentor is someone I highly recommend you follow. She is very good at what she does. She owns several online businesses and is very good at setting up a website and teaching you how to do it too. She owns Build Your List With Ease and Get Organized For Success. Build Your List With … Continue reading My Mentor

Crowdfire Social App

On a daily basis I post things to my social media accounts to keep up my engagement on them but I have so many that it's just easier to post to them at the same time and I do that using the Crowdfire App. Not only am I able to use it for posting but … Continue reading Crowdfire Social App

What Got Me Into Blogging And When Did I Start My Blog, Plus My biggest Mistake

This is from my blog post where I asked you to ask me anything I got two questions on that post and here are the answers. I started blogging mainly because I was told by someone who was in internet marketing for a long time that it was the way to get more eyes on … Continue reading What Got Me Into Blogging And When Did I Start My Blog, Plus My biggest Mistake