My First Time On An Airplane

Okay I’m 45 and the first time I got on a plane was just a few years ago.

I know, I know.

Unbelievable right?

Its unbelievable to you that it took that long but it’s unbelievable to me that it even happened.


Because I am afraid of heights.

I’m that person that freaks out on the ferris wheel when someone moves and it’s not a long ride, now imagine a plane ride for someone like me.

I was scared, extremely scared, and the worst part? We had a layover in Atlanta! Which meant I had to switch planes! We had to do that more than once!

Unbelievably though the only things I remember are how bad my feet hurt from wearing sandals because we were told it would be easier. They may have been easier to get on and off but they sure as heck weren’t easy on my feet lol.

I also remember how exhilarating the take off felt and the movement of the plane when it turned. I was expecting the turbulence to be bad but thankfully it wasn’t.

It was also so beautiful up there in the sky. That was unexpected. I honestly thought I was going to be too scared to even notice it.

Also my daughter rather enjoyed it too. Hearing her little squeals of excitement made me so happy. She, like me, thought it was going to be the scariest experience of our lives.

Turns out it was the best experience of our lives minus my hurt feet lol.

The best part? I sort of conquered my fear of heights. Now mind you I’m not going on top of a building without any walls or walking around someplace that has see through walls on the upper levels. I still fear falling off of those but for the most part it’s much easier for me to climb up on my stepstool now and that’s a good thing.

What’s something you’ve done for the first time? Was it scary? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks and have a great day.

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  1. My first-time flight was t the age of eighteen when I left my family in Connecticut to join my husband-to-be where he was stationed in Brownsville, Texas. Talk about a cultural shock!

  2. I’ve had a lifelong sever flying phobia. Hypnotherapy has helped me a great deal. I have a friend who was inspired by my success, so he received hypnotherapy for his fear of heights, and he says it changed his life.

  3. I had a similar experience with hot air ballooning. I do have vertigo on towers, narrow mountain paths… but going up in a hot air balloon is bliss… you don’t sense any movement… it is so very, very peaceful!

  4. It’s great that you overcame your fear of heights It’s never easy.The sky always looks so lovely.

  5. I saw Roy’s comment about acrophobia, and started thinking about agoraphobia and remembered claustrophobia. They are all anxiety problems that could make commercial airline travel difficult.
    I am afraid that I might miss out on some great adventure if I had fear of trying new things.
    Blog on!

  6. How exciting that you left your scared feelings behind! I could have written this exact blog except my first plane trip was when I was 40. 15 minutes after take off, over the ocean, the plane had problems and they had to dump the fuel and get us back on land. But all through the ordeal I felt at peace. Hmm, maybe I need to wrote about my experience! Thanks for sharing

  7. I have a fear of heights, too, but I was told that it’s actually a fear of edges. I’m terrified of walking over bridges and overpasses and the terror never goes away! Good for you for overcoming your fear of flying!

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