It’s Milk Chocolate Day!

Well it’s my favorite day of the year.

Milk Chocolate Day!

I am a certified chocoholic. I will live off of chocolate if you let me that’s how much I love it. My favorite type of chocolate is Hershey’s, kisses to be exact. I especially love their cordial cherry kisses. I also love chocolate covered fruit, any kind of fruit is fine with me. I also love chocolate covered marshmallows.

Another chocolaty thing I love is chocolate milk but with that I love the nesquik powder. I drink that chocolaty goodness all the time.

I think the reason I crave chocolate is because it has mood enhancing properties, and who doesn’t enjoy being happy, right?

In celebration of this wonderful day I want you to visit the link above and see how they think you should celebrate. If you love chocolate like I do then make sure you check out the recipe they provide. It’s sure to be delicious.

Make sure you read up on the history of chocolate on there too, it’s very interesting.

What’s your favorite type of chocolate? Let me know in the comments.

It may not be milk chocolate but that’s fine it doesn’t have to be just because today is milk chocolate day.

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Thanks and have a great day.

3 Replies to “It’s Milk Chocolate Day!”

  1. I love milk chocolate too.A creamy vhocolatey bar and a good book are my favourite gifts

  2. I LOVE Chocolate! My favourite chocolate is Butterfinger. While in Seattle last December, I discovered Butterfinger Shakes at the Steak and Shake. They were the best thing I had ever tasted. Even when it was snowing outside, I couldn’t resist stopping for a Butterfinger Shake. I wish someone would make them here in Australia! 🙂

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