It’s All Or Nothing Day

Today is the day to make your dreams come true. Get out of your comfort zone and do something you’ve always wanted to do.

The Romans understood it so well they had a saying: “Carpe Diem” or seize the day. All Or Nothing Day takes that spirit and urges people to break through their barriers, ignore the fears that hold them back, and make that big commitment to a better life.

So take a page from the Romans today. Go all in on something and make it count.

Comment below with your dreams and let me know if you’re going to do it. I’ve already made my dreams come true every single day.


8 Replies to “It’s All Or Nothing Day”

  1. I am still dreaming of completing this challenge. I need to post twice a day to “getter done” by the end of the month.

  2. I try to seize each day and shake every inch out of it – and then other days – I just let it be. But in the process, I’ve captured a lot of dreams – some I didn’t even realise I had, until after they’d happened. Right now, my dream is to be a much faster Blogger. If that dream materialises, I’ll cross the finish line of the UBC, with dignity intact.

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