I Had A Dream About My Dad Last Night

My dad.

I don’t remember how it started I only remember that he finally got to meet his grandchildren. You see my dad died on April 28th 1992 so it’s been 26 years since his death and apparently national peach ice cream day made me think of him because peaches were his favorite fruit and it made into ice cream was the best for him.

He got to see his oldest graduate from the military, (or whatever it is that they do) which is my nephew, he got to see his next oldest (my niece) graduate from high school. He spent time with them including my children which he also got to see my oldest graduate from high school and see how much he looks like his uncle and acts like him, he got to see how much my daughter looks and acts like me but is still a mixture of me and her dad.

She likes everything I like and everything her dad likes, which I love. She loves reading (me), she loves cartoons (her dad and grandpa), she loves animals (me), She loves artsy stuff (her dad, grandpa and grandma)

I also remember from my dream that when it was time for him to go he was turning around in the yard to tell us something and fell backwards and hit his head on a rock, he was fine but had to be rushed to the hospital.

As he was leaving he turned around and said I enjoyed spending time with y’all and I said I did too dad, I love you and he was gone.

I forgot, he also got to see his great granddaughter who hasn’t even been thought of yet who my daughter had in the dream. My daughter is only 16 so she is most definitely not ready for children.

Funny how dreams have minds of their own isn’t it or I subconsciously wanted all of that to happen. Not sure of which since I have no idea how the brain works.

Anyway thank you for reading my post and have a great day.