Happy Cousins Day!

When I was a child I had a hard time making friends because I was so shy but the people in my family made up for it by being my friends.

I’m talking about my cousins, one cousin in particular I was really close with. We did everything together. She was my best friend.

Then life happened and we grew up and grew apart. We still consider each other best friends and on occasion tell people we’re sisters.

She was always there for me during my darkest hours and I love her for that. She was the first one to help me when my husband was in jail.

We spent every summer together at Clark Hill Lake. That’s a lake that borders Georgia and South Carolina where my dad grew up. We had so much fun at that lake and I miss it but at least we have the memories.

We may not get together like we used to but we still love each other.

Do you have a cousin that you’re particularly close with? Let me know in the comments and Happy Cousins Day!

Source: https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/cousins-day/

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  1. Hi Mary,
    Yes, I had a cousin on my father’s side I was close to though she lived a couple of hours from me. We met up at my grandmother’s house almost every holiday. We wrote letters back and forth and she illustrated the cover of my second book! it was just wonderful! These days I focus on my great nieces who are cousins and close. The middle daughter is inseparable with the eldest cousin (there is about 2 years difference). I love to see all of them together. My heart melts!

  2. I have a cousin I grew up with and today we are still close and talk almost everyday or every other day or so.

  3. Lovely post… I never grew up with cousins… My Dad was an only child, and my Mum had one sister who she stopped seeing shortly after I was born. Don’t know the full story, there… And I only had one sister, who passed away when she was 30. So, when I suddenly got in touch with my cousin Anneke, two and half years ago now, when both our Mums were suffering from Alzheimer and were perfectly happy to be in touch again, Anneke and I are making up for lost time. It is so very nice to have close family relations. My Mum has since passed – last January – and my Dad had developed vascular dementia, so my cousin connection means the world to me now.

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