Honor Your Parents

My mom and dad on their wedding day.

Today is Parent’s Day and even though I thoroughly believe that parent’s should be honored every single day you should honor them extra today.

I believe this because both of my parents have passed on and even though I have no regrets about the way I treated them (I was good to my parents) there are things I wish I had asked them about, like when did y’all get married? Or what childhood diseases did I catch? Because at the time I didn’t think it was necessary but now that I’m grown I realize these are things that doctors want to know.

I have also realized, with the internet, there are certain things from history that my parent’s lived through, like the great depression, my dad was born in 1932 so he lived through it and even though he was a child I’m sure he remembered how hard it was.

My mom was born in 1941, the year pearl harbor was bombed, and I’m sure her parent’s talked about that and how scary it was.

I absolutely regret not asking about these pivotal points in history but at that time I thought history was boring but after seeing first hand points from people who lived through it I have realized my mistake. I try not to dwell on it but it is extremely hard to do but I hope to get better about it because I can’t change the past.

So thank you for reading my post and have a great day.

Happy Birthday Mama

My mom and son.

Today I’ve decided to do a birthday tribute to my mom. She would be 77 today and I miss her so much.

She died July 4th 2007. Luckily the day after my son’s birthday but only because we didn’t want her death to fall on his birthday so we waited until then to take her off of life support.

She was my best friend after my dad died because I was closer to him than her. Obviously we got closer after his death.

We have no idea what happened I just know that I knew a week before she died that she didn’t have long. She had got to where she couldn’t get out of bed anymore and we had to pick her up and practically drag her to her potty chair.

She never wanted life support but I don’t regret her being on it because of my son’s birthday.

Anyway, I’m sorry this got dark but I haven’t told her Happy Birthday in a long time and it was pop art time to do it.

Thank you for reading and have a great day.

Today Is World Jump Day

I honestly thought World Jump Day was just celebrating jumping and I was all ready to talk about how when I was a child I loved to jump rope. Boy was I wrong but in a good way.

it is about jumping but it’s to combat global warming. It was started by Torsten Lauschmann and the idea was to get 600 million to jump at the same time on the western hemisphere and that it would shift the orbit of the earth and extend the daylight hours to create a more standardized climate throughout the world.

But because the earth weighs so much 600 million people jumping wouldn’t make a difference but there are other ways to fight climate change.

One is recycling so if it can be recycled please do it because the earth needs all the help it can get.

Please comment below with ways you help the planet.

Thanks and have a great day.

Source: https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/world-jump-day/

What Got Me Into Blogging And When Did I Start My Blog, Plus My biggest Mistake

This is from my blog post where I asked you to ask me anything

I got two questions on that post and here are the answers.

I started blogging mainly because I was told by someone who was in internet marketing for a long time that it was the way to get more eyes on your business, needless to say at the time it wasn’t my thing but then I realized fairly quickly that you write as if you are having a conversation with someone and that made it fun for me.

I’ve had several blogs that I started and my first one was in 2009 and this one I just started in June. I’ve stopped and started several times which has made it a hard road for me but it’s getting easier.

I just normally write about my daily life, within reason of course, and not a TMI session.

Participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge has been a real life saver on ideas about what to blog about but of course on the days that I’m just not familiar or interested in the topic put out for us I do something different.

I’ve made lots of mistakes but I can’t pinpoint just one, oh yes I can, not keeping my domains and hosting and continually restarting everything. It’s hard to get back to where you need to be when you keep starting and stopping.

One thing is for sure I will hold onto this blog because my name is in it and that was my biggest mistake because my very first domain was maryowens.ws and I lost it when I couldn’t afford the hosting anymore but little did I know that if I had just bought the domain separately from the hosting that I would have been fine but I was just starting out and didn’t understand all of that.

Now I am wiser and buy my hosting separately from my domain so I never lose access to the domain.

So that’s my story and I hope you enjoyed it and have a great day.

I Had A Dream About My Dad Last Night

My dad.

I don’t remember how it started I only remember that he finally got to meet his grandchildren. You see my dad died on April 28th 1992 so it’s been 26 years since his death and apparently national peach ice cream day made me think of him because peaches were his favorite fruit and it made into ice cream was the best for him.

He got to see his oldest graduate from the military, (or whatever it is that they do) which is my nephew, he got to see his next oldest (my niece) graduate from high school. He spent time with them including my children which he also got to see my oldest graduate from high school and see how much he looks like his uncle and acts like him, he got to see how much my daughter looks and acts like me but is still a mixture of me and her dad.

She likes everything I like and everything her dad likes, which I love. She loves reading (me), she loves cartoons (her dad and grandpa), she loves animals (me), She loves artsy stuff (her dad, grandpa and grandma)

I also remember from my dream that when it was time for him to go he was turning around in the yard to tell us something and fell backwards and hit his head on a rock, he was fine but had to be rushed to the hospital.

As he was leaving he turned around and said I enjoyed spending time with y’all and I said I did too dad, I love you and he was gone.

I forgot, he also got to see his great granddaughter who hasn’t even been thought of yet who my daughter had in the dream. My daughter is only 16 so she is most definitely not ready for children.

Funny how dreams have minds of their own isn’t it or I subconsciously wanted all of that to happen. Not sure of which since I have no idea how the brain works.

Anyway thank you for reading my post and have a great day.

Today Is National Peach Ice Cream Day! (Actually It Was Yesterday Lol)

So I was late getting this up because yesterday was National Peach Ice Cream day but I hope you still enjoy this post.

In honor of it being national peach ice cream day I’m sharing 2 videos with 2 different ways to make peach ice cream.


Now that you’ve watched them I have a secret. I don’t like ice cream but I love milkshakes. In particular any kind of fruit milkshake. I thought it was because of the coldness of the ice cream but if that was it I wouldn’t like milkshakes either so I’m guessing it’s the creaminess of the ice cream that I don’t like because I would never say no to a milkshake.

So thank you for reading my blog and watching the videos and have a great day!

My Favorite Quote

If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember that this whole thing was started with a dream and a mouse.
~ Walt Disney

That quote has gotten me through a lot and it doesn’t hurt that it was one of Walt Disney’s most favorite quotes.

Every time I think I want to give up I just think about that quote and remember that he never gave up, even when he was at his lowest he kept going and so will I.

Is there a quote by someone that lifts you up on your darkest days? If so, who and what is the quote? Let me know in the comments.

Thank you and have a great day!

Today Is Shark Awareness Day


In honor of it being shark awareness day I’m going to share this very informative video by NatGeoWild on sharks and their plight but before I do that I just wanted to talk a little about my passion for animals and the environment.

As I’ve said before in this post My Inspiration people who do whatever it takes to keep the world safe inspires me, but mainly people who keep animals and the environment safe inspire me to be better.

I also do what I can to help which includes signing petitions and donating when I can, and on that topic I wanted to point out an instagram account I was asked to follow, BareNaturals in their description it says that buying one of their candles plants 10 trees in areas of deforestation so I highly recommend visiting and buying one of their candles or more if you can. Their website is https://linktr.ee/barenaturals

I would greatly appreciate you helping plant 10 or more trees and get a wonderful smelling candle as a reward for helping save the planet.

So now here is the video for Shark Awareness Day, enjoy!

Thank you for reading this and helping out if you did.

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Thank you and have a great day.

Happy Friday The 13th!

If you read my recent post What I Like To Do For Fun then you know I love horror movies so in celebration of it being Friday the 13th I am going to share the trailer for the movie Friday the 13th because, you know, it’s Friday the 13th, my favorite day of the year!

So, here it is for your enjoyment.

You’re welcome.

I hope you have a wonderful Friday the 13th and watch out for Jason Voorhees I hear he’s a real killer lol.